Photog Products


Event rates

Times are for actual coverage. Photog setup time and a reasonable amount of travel time in the Twin Cities metro area is included.

  1. BulletUp to 4 hours…    $700

  2. BulletEach additional hour…    $100

  3. Bullet2nd shooter…    $400 for first 4 hours, $50 each add’l.

Final Prints

Professional lab prints with a lustre finish. Glossy finish available on request, but take my word for it, the lustre finish produces a much nicer product. Metallic glossy finish available for a 25% upcharge - this can be a cool effect for black and white prints and some special effects like fireworks.

Popular sizes:

  1. Bullet4x5”…           $  5

  2. Bullet4x6”…           $  5

  3. Bullet5x7”…           $  6

  4. Bullet8x10”…         $  8

  5. Bullet11x14”…       $18

  6. Bullet16x20”…       $36

  7. Bullet4 Wallets…   $  6

Many more sizes available - inquire for pricing if you are interested. $25 minimum order.


Your proofs will be available online within 1-2 weeks for most event and weddings. But, if you prefer to have something more tangible (or want to share with friends or family that don’t have a broadband internet connection), we offer 2 popular and elegant proofing options: “PicBooks” and spiral-bound Proof Magazines.

Spiral-bound Proof Magazines:

  1. BulletOffered in three sizes:
    8x10, 10x13, 10x15”

  2. BulletMultiple design options including size, style, color and font

  3. BulletPrint folders or categories

  4. BulletPrinted on Lustre photo paper

  5. BulletImage number printed below each photo for easy reference

Proof magazine pricing:

  1. Bullet8x10” with 6 or 12 images per page…  $2.50/page

  2. Bullet10x13” with 6 or 12 images per page…  $3.00/page

  3. Bullet10x15” with 6, 12 or 24 images per page…  $3.50/page

  4. BulletBorders on images… $.50 extra per page

  5. BulletHardbound black leather or black or sandstone silk covers available… $40–$60 each.

Other Products

  1. BulletCopyright release: Images are supplied on a USB flash drive with the Deluxe or Elite wedding packages, or after $500 in combined print orders from your event (not including credits), or can be purchased separately for $350.

  2. BulletImages supplied on an external hard drive: Above requirements, plus $150.

  3. BulletiPod pre-loaded with your images. 16Gb Nano: $250.  Classic: $350  32Gb Touch: $400

More options…

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